Liquid Painting Service

Liquid Painting Service

Powder coating and electroplating are the techniques that propelled Aman Metal Finishers to success throughout India. Electrocoating is a major coating application technology today, but liquid painting services are still an area where we have industry-leading knowledge and expertise.


Despite the fact that powder and electrocoating technologies offer exceptional performance and durability, liquid painting service is still the favored method for non-metallic materials. This is because powder coating and electrocoating frequently necessitate drying at temperatures that can harm or distort the substrate.


There are numerous ways where you can opt for liquid painting services. Pretreatment, application, and cure are the three primary elements of a paint line. The product, the volume, the quality criteria, and other considerations will determine what type of industrial application method is used. It could be as basic as a dip tank and a way to hang pieces, or it could be a fully automated system that permits continuous pretreatment, application, and curing.


Although the layout and exact equipment differ, all paint lines contain the same basic stages: a loading area, pretreatment or cleaning stage, application stage, drying stage, and unloading stage.

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  • Traditional handheld spray guns, high-volume-low-pressure (HVLP) guns, automatic guns, automatic rotating bells, and discs can all be used to apply paint. Electrostatic or non electrostatic spray equipment is available. Other application methods include dip systems, flow coaters, curtain coating, and roll coating. The paint film is generated during the curing step. Air drying or heating can be used to cure paints. Traditional gas-fired, high-air-velocity gas-fired, electric, infrared, UV radiation, electron beam, or induction ovens are all options for heating. The ovens might be batch or continuous in nature. Conveyor systems, either human or automated, transport parts from one stage to the next.

  • Aman Metal Finishers paints a wide range of items and substrates with liquid paint, including automotive steering gears, driveshafts, and hydraulic motors; truck wheels with distinctive colors; tractor chassis assemblies, and assembled machines. We also use a high-temperature-resistant liquid paint to finish the components of vehicle exhaust systems.

  • Aman Metal Finishers offers a variety of liquid painting services that are backed by a century of application and engineering expertise. If your firm is facing a production coating difficulty, especially one that necessitates the use of specialized application technology, you can trust Aman Metal Finishers to get the job done anywhere in India.


Methods to apply liquid paint