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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

1.Poor adhesion for electroplating on alumina dispersed strengthened copper?

Have you tried a Wood's Ni strike? Basically, NiCl2 in HCl prior to Ni plating? Adhesion to alumina will be a problem, but if Cu is a substantial percentage of the surface area, you may be able to get adhesion to the Cu and bridge the exposed alumina.

2.How to analyze the degradation of an electroplating bath and prolong its use?

Flow analysis Method

Flow analysis is the generic name for all analytical techniques that are based on the introduction, processing, and detection of liquid samples in flowing media. Flow injection analysis is based on a flow stream characterized by several parameters such as flow rate, volumes, and composition

Physical parameters of the plated materials

A good quality nickel deposit should be flat, smooth and ductile, but other properties, such as surface roughness, have also been measured. A surface roughness profilometer can be used with different additive compositions and concentrations in order to evaluate their suitability for electroplating and the data obtained can be correlated to the specular reflectivity of the coatings and brightness.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Recently, new techniques as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) are reaching more demand among analytical chemists in quantitative determinations since it is a Introduction 14 unique and versatile spectroscopy method capable of measuring samples in solid, liquid and gas phases.

3.What should be the current and voltage for nickel coating of around 15 micron for steel specimen and also the bath composition?

Current and Time are Proportionate to electroplating thickness as you can see in this equation

Current Density (A dm-2) 5 µm 10 µm 15 µm 20 µm 25 µm 30 µm

1 26 51 77 100 128 154

Time in minutes and cathode efficiency in 95%

4.Can anyone suggest a good electroplating system for depositing gold in semiconductor devices?

If you want fine tuning on your gold layer, maybe sputtering could be a good idea. Maybe electrodeposition could be another idea, but you need do control many experimental variables to take a good electrodeposit.

5.I want to obtain smooth gold electroplated surface ?

Somewhere, I had read that it is difficult to obtain flat Au surface. Maybe another one method helps you via gold surface annealing. Maybe you should combine annealing with electroplating... Hope, It helps for you


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