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Updated: Feb 15, 2022


  • Improve equipment efficiency to reduce energy consumption. Use VFD motor controls where appropriate to slow fans, pumps and conveyors.

  • Change to low or no heat pre treatment chemicals if they meet your performance targets.

  • Backflow rinse save waste eater

  • Set the dry off temperature as close to 212 to save energy however to ensure the parts are dry off oven air movement and exhaust to promote faster drying.

  • Zone cure oven to allow lighter parts to use less energy.

Coating material

  • Use automictic gun triggering to reduce overspray powder.

  • Use automatic gun positioning to increase transfer efficiency

  • Improve part ground to increase transfer efficiency.

  • Use better coating material following

  • Lower specific gravity

  • Better hiding power at lower film builds

  • Better particle size distribution and control for improved recovery cyclone efficiency

  • Use single coat system

Miscellaneous Costs

  • Plug compressed air leaks

  • Better powder sieving

  • Reliable equipment with better maintenance

  • Improved process control


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