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List Of Quality Certification of Manufacturing unit

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

1. ISO 9001

the ISO 9001 certification was developed by the International Organization for Standardization or ISO. If an organization is recognized as an ISO 9001 certified, this means that the current system in place meet global standards and expectations. However, there is a need for continual improvement since a series of audits has to be made to make certain that ISO standards are still being maintained. Indeed, ISO 9001 certification only proves the organizations commitment to serving the needs and demands of customers by promoting dedication to quality and innovation.

2. ISO 9000 14000

The ISO 14000 in the meantime, addresses the way the management protects the environment through their business practices and methods. This also includes the basic human responsibility to reduce the harmful effects of the Business to the environment as well as ensure its improvement and not deterioration.

3. ISO 9000 2005

The ISO 9000 2005 is generally the basics of quality management. Companies who want to get an edge by implementation of quality management can make use of this standard


AS9100 is a company level certification based on a standard published by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) titled Quality Systems Aerospace Model for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing Certifications are issued by third party certifying bodies


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