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Nickel plating uses in different type of Industries

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Nickel plating application in

Aerospace Industry

  • The aerospace and airline industry has utilized electroless nickel plating for a diverse array of applications. Nickel coatings can be produced with a variety of properties to serve the needs of specific applications. Composite nickel coatings have been developed to enhance certain characteristics of conventional EN such as wear resistance, hardness and lubricity.

Nickel Plating application in military Industry

  • Black Zinc Nickel is widely use in military it is a conductive and environmentally sound surface treatment. The salt spray performance of Black Zinc Nickel plating makes it an excellent choice for applications in highly demanding environments.

Nickel plating application in automotive Industry

  • Nickel has excellent mechanical properties, fine grain structure and good corrosion resistance, Decorative look make nickel chrome plating a very likeable coating for automobile Industry.


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