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Working Principle Of Electroplating

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Working Principle Of Electroplating

To understand the concept further, let’s take an example of a gold coating. In this instance, a layer of gold is to be electrodeposited on metallic jewellery to enhance its appearance.

Usually, the gold plating is connected to the anode (+ve charged electrode) of the circuit and the jewellery is kept at the cathode (-ve charged electrode). Both are kept immersed in a highly developed electrolytic bat (solution). At this stage, a DC current is supplied to the anode that oxidizes the gold atoms and dissolves them into the solution.

The dissolved ions of gold are reduced at the cathode and plated on the jewellery.

However, there are major factors that influence the last plating. These include:

  • The voltage level of current.

  • The temperature and chemical composition of the bath.

  • The current length of time.

  • The distance between the cathode and the anode.


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