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The Next Big Thing in Electroplating

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Use Of Graphene in Electroplating Industry

GNP is becoming multifunctional additive that can greatly extend coating life and durability. GNP acts as a synergist helping other additives work more effectively at lower concentrations without sacrificing properties. Gnp also have a high surface area if properly dispersed they can improve a coating barrier from chemicals and gases.

When appropriately incorporated into either solvent or water based coating, graphene can impart exceptional anticorrosion performance enhanced corrosion control, by improving corrosion performance graphene enhanced products also can have a significant financial impact by extending the life of assets reducing the frequency and cost of assets.


Extreme High Speed Laser Application (EHLA) is a novel technology born from laser cladding (also known as Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) or Directed Energy Deposition – Laser Beam (DED-LB)). Fraunhofer ILT developed EHLA as an improvement on laser cladding, a replacement for chrome plating and an alternative to spraying technologies. EHLA coatings can be applied to small and large components at speeds 10-100x times faster than laser cladding.

In terms of coating integrity, EHLA coatings boast over 99.8% material density with extremely low rates of defect and porosity formation.

EHLA coatings can be applied as thin as 20µm, up to 300µm per layer, with each subsequent layer metallurgically joint to the underlying layer, the total thickness achievable is unlimited. The low dilution also permits EHLA to join dissimilar materials, materials that are traditionally challenging to join or coat with conventional techniques.


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